What They’ve Been Up To

So no, I won’t tell you everything that’s been going on around here (see previous post), but I did recall something just now that I’ve been wanting to post here: Will and Everett have a blog.

They started it this summer, not too terribly long after our brief but wonderful visit from These Wonderful People. Yes, at the beginning of July the Liptaks were with us, and for about four days (was it three?), the house felt Appropriately Full: four adults, four boys (one a teenager, two on the verge), three little girls. It’s become the rare Event– a visit with the Liptaks– an arrival that required no adjustment, conversations that craved more time, communion unlike any other we know. When they left, we stood in the street and waved after them, and Bill commented on how dreadfully familiar it all was: always, it seems, we are waving good-bye.

Like the parents, the children of our two families seem to require no adjustment time. They always find varied and shared ways of having a good time. During their stay this time (did I mention it was brief?), the boys did a lot of skateboarding together. Caleb, who is an appalling 14, and Seth, who is a few months younger than Will, have been skateboarding for Some Time; Will and Everett are just now getting into it. But for these boys, enjoying their first visit in over a year, skateboarding was a shared language (that and music, and eating, and being crazy). They had Far Too Much Fun and their visit, long after their departure, fueled our boys’ passion to practice and practice and practice their skateboarding tricks.

Far more fluent than we in the ways of internet communication, the boys moved quickly past e-mail (though this continues) and started this blog: a site to share their skateboarding efforts and successes. It’s a fun site– maybe more for the families involved than for outside readers– but if you take the time to explore it a little (and I encourage you to read their comments to one another), then you’ll get a good glimpse at the boys’ themselves. Don’t miss this video clip, captured on an early evening during their visit when, for a few brief hours, we lost our electricity. I think it’s my favorite part.

Actually, I think the whole site is my favorite part. It’s Something to have friends like the Liptaks, to have a history that runs so far and an affection that runs so deep. And it’s Really Something, I think, when the children of this friendship seem to feel the same way.

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