I enjoy quite a few blogs on this here internet these days. I don’t get to read them everyday: most of the time my daily labors prevent such pleasures. But occasionally I get to Go Look.

Some of the blogs I visit for the lovely pictures and for the idealized lives created on the page. Some I visit for the ideas, or the humor, or the news. Some give me glimpses into the lives of dear friends– friends I might talk to daily or not, but can “visit” in a new way on the web.

And some of them have Really Wonderful Writing.

Today I’ll be adding a new blog to the list at the right, and it’s a blog newborn. My former colleague, former boss and (still) friend John has begun writing– which isn’t to say he hasn’t been a writer all along. It’s just that, this past week, he decided to share his thoughts on life and living here on this ethereal strand we call the world-wide-web.

You must go and read his writing. You must. He is a wonderful writer, and he has beautiful and compelling and profound things to say.

He started the blog just days ago. It is brand new, born in advent. And, as I said, it is beautifully written.

See? A present! For you, for me, from John.

Merry Christmas.

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