How does it come to this? It’s a half hour before we have to be at Sam and Daniele’s house, and I haven’t made the salad, and I don’t have the cheese. Emma and I made it home in plenty of time: we would do her reading assignment and her narration; she would put away … More Helper


You know what I hate? I hate it when people leave their stuff at my house. I’m not talking about loans here. I’m talking about the accidental leaving of stuff that belongs to them, that I must needs return (because it doesn’t belong to me). I don’t hold it against the leaver. Obviously, it’s an … More Leavings

Birthday Present

do blatt do blatt These noises ricochet up the stairs from the basement, the playroom where the drum set now resides. dum digga digga digga digga Everett is practicing, the last task on his list of daily must-dos: homework, make bed, put away clean clothes, feed the cats, etc…. Practice the drums. dig-uh dig-uh duh … More Birthday Present

Counting On It

It’s a week now that we’ve been back at school, and I’ve never been so efficient in my life. Last week, while I was teaching my Winterim course and working on grading those pesky exams (the ones I gave before Christmas break, the ones I didn’t really want to grade during Christmas break, the ones … More Counting On It

Food, Glorious Food

Catchy, huh? It’s the title (among other things) of the Winterim course I’m teaching this week and next. What’s Winterim? Well, at Trinity School, it’s the two-week period after Christmas break (and also, incidentally, after semester exams) and before the second semester begins. Rather than beginning with new material in these hazy, post-holiday days, we … More Food, Glorious Food