After This

After going to bed Too Late last night After waking up at 5:24 and getting up at 5:43 and reading the story of the parting of the Red Sea After showering and dressing and feeding the kitties, after setting the table for breakfast and tidying the kitchen and writing notes on napkins After fleeing the … More After This

Saturday Morning

Right now it is still the beginning of the day. Still the beginning of the weekend. Still the opening of these two wide-open spaces in the calendar of my life. I love my job, but I dearly love these days each week to be at home, to be with family, to wear comfortable clothes and … More Saturday Morning

Birthday Wish

It was all we were about on Saturday: Emma Grace’s birthday party. The guests would arrive at one and be gone by three, and from the time we got up in the morning until the very minutes they arrived, it was all streamers and icing and gathering things for games and setting up the punch … More Birthday Wish

On Death

“It is the dead who have lost their life, but the living experience death. Blessed is he who loves you, who loves his friend in you and his enemy for your sake. Only he to whom all are dear in Him who cannot be lost, can lose no one that he loves. And who is … More On Death


supposeLife is an old man carrying flowers on his head. young death sits in a cafesmiling, a piece of money held betweenhis thumb and first finger (i say “will he buy flowers” to youand “Death is younglife wears velour trouserslife totters, life has a beard” i say to you who are silent.– “Do you seeLife? … More Suppose


After yesterday’s post, I think that, in the interest of Honesty, I should tell you, O Reader, that I do not faithfully read the books stacked at my bedside. While almost all of them are books in the process of being read by me, I don’t want you to think that I am some sort … More Disclaimer

On the Nightstand

Currently, right now, in two neat stacks of seven each (which only Just So Happens to be the case; I didn’t realize, until I counted, that I had seven in each pile), Fourteen Books in the process of being read. By me. Except for one, which I finished last summer. A Community of Character: Toward … More On the Nightstand

Who Knew?

I was raised watching Little House on the Prairie. You know the show, right? It was on the air for a Long Time, and we watched it religiously on Monday nights, 8 p.m. sharp. I grew up with Laura, really, and rooted for her in those schoolyard fights with Nellie Olsen, and rooted for Ma … More Who Knew?