After yesterday’s post, I think that, in the interest of Honesty, I should tell you, O Reader, that I do not faithfully read the books stacked at my bedside. While almost all of them are books in the process of being read by me, I don’t want you to think that I am some sort of Reading Fiend or truly Fabulously Spiritual or even Really Smart.

It occurred to me today that one might draw one of the above conclusions from the previous post. We wouldn’t want that.

The truth is that I do Love To Read. The truth is also that I am indeed in the process of reading all of those books. The truth is, furthermore, that I am Far Too Busy to make much progress in any of them.

Hence the extraordinary number of them.

I posted what I posted because I suddenly noticed that I had Very Many books on my nightstand, and this Interested Me, and it seemed a relatively Easy Post, and this was something I was wanting because I was Far Too Busy last night to write a– shall we say– more Challenging One.

I would love it, I think, if people thought I was a Reading Fiend, or Fabulously Spiritual, or Really Smart. But, in the end, I would rather tell the Truth. Hence this post. Today. Right now.

I am still interested, however, in what you are reading. Thank you, O Readers Who Wrote, for responding.

That is all.

One thought on “Disclaimer

  1. I am currently really intending to read the following: Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (p.14 on the dresser); His Majesty, George Washington (p.12, on the night stand); Debt Proof Living (p.43, on my living room stand); An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination and Exiles Return (in the family room, just got from inter-library loan); and Hurry Down, Sunshine (to pick up from inter-library loan on Wednesday). Oh, and a romance novel (p.29, on the ledge in the family room).I’m ambitious and will read them all. Obviously, the library ones have a deadline. Guess I need to get moving on them!!!It’s a noble effort, to set out reading goals. It’s also great to put off, because books are always patiently waiting! The kids and laundry are quite so patient, or silent!


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