though i have closed myself as fingers

i am, again today, this (closed) and would have you knowthat i am (or would be) sealedupagainsteverything but for hope in(and recollection of) Those Hands: (may i publish it here? again?) (–rebecca) somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyondany experience,your eyes have their silence:in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,or which i cannot … More though i have closed myself as fingers

On Being an Artist

“All ambition has the reek of disease about it, the relentless smell of the self….So long as your ambition is to stamp your existence upon existence, your nature on nature, then your ambition is corrupt and you are pursuing a ghost. “Still, there is something that any artist is in pursuit of, and is answerable … More On Being an Artist


I did my student teaching under the careful oversight of one of the most talented teachers I have ever known. She also had an enormous variety of coats. But it was her talent and energy that stood out the most. She was enormously energetic. Enormously. I liked student teaching well enough, but most of the … More Theirs

Phone Call

I call her because I’m in the car, and I’m alone, and I am thinking about the meaning of the word “a.” And I’m thinking about this especially because she realized a New Definition of the word “a,” and because she is an editor for Merriam-Webster, and because she is very smart. And because she … More Phone Call

So Much Better

Thoughts of writing come less and less frequently these days. This is not surprising, I suppose, with All The Rest that is going on. I don’t expect to do much writing in the school year. But with that lack a fear comes, I think– a fear not unfamiliar and not un-overcome in the past, not … More So Much Better

Garden Days

Lately I’ve been in the garden. I love this. I love the smell of the dirt and getting dirty and leaving a patch of earth better than when I found it. We have a wonderful yard here in North Carolina, one that was landscaped long ago with several different garden beds and Places For Planting. … More Garden Days

Emma’s Eight

I vividly remember turning eight. It’s probably the first birthday that I remember with real clarity. We had just moved to Pittsburgh, back to the United States after living in Japan.   So we were in the house I grew up in by that time, and the rest of my childhood years are informed by … More Emma’s Eight

Who I’ve Been Today

I was Incredulous. That already it was Tuesday morning, with the Easter break over. That already it was 5:14. Now 5:45. Time to get up. I was Mother. Warming the oatmeal, pouring the orange juice, parceling out the vitamins. Calling the children to breakfast. I was Late. Muttering at the red light. At the driver … More Who I’ve Been Today