The desks are empty now. Three thoughtful students dutifully stacked their chairs up on their desks, but otherwise, the room is looking decidedly askew: chairs at cross-angles, desks counter-posed. From where I sit, I can see one pencil abandoned under the long table at the back of the room, and a copy of Lord of … More Gone


May is here and, indeed, is already more than half gone. May in North Carolina means green everything, trees in full leaf, and the roses along my fence blooming in abundant frenzy. And it also means– again, in North Carolina– heat. Generally speaking, this time of year means the warmest of my dress-clothes for work. … More Habits

Best Wishes

It’s only Wednesday. I’m not all that tired. Not Yet. Maybe verbal blunders aren’t signs of fatigue. Maybe they’re just verbal blunders, or signs of old age. But when I talked with my Alaskan sister this afternoon, and when we ended our conversation, and when I expressed my love to her family, this is what … More Best Wishes

Swim, Bike, Run

Bill competed in another triathlon this weekend. .5 mile swim, 14 mile bike, and a 5K to finish it off. It’s called a “sprint,” and I guess it is: the race takes about an hour and a half, and it’s amazing, when it’s over, to think of all he just did.   The event was … More Swim, Bike, Run