Beginnings and Ends

William turned thirteen (13!!!) on Saturday, and on Friday night just before bed, he just sort of turned soft and quiet, and he said to me, “I’m feeling nostalgic.” And later, “I’m not sure I want to turn thirteen.” So I had to be strong for both of us, and tell him that a number … More Beginnings and Ends

Little Things

Donuts and coffee at the kitchen table, the morning light streaming into the breakfast room, and another half hour remains before we have to leave for church. Bill has the latest issue of the Independent Weekly before him, and I see there in the table of contents that this issue holds a review of the … More Little Things


We’re coming to the end now and no one could possibly argue otherwise. Though the children have two weeks left (not really, not exactly, as their first day is two weeks from yesterday), I have only tomorrow and the weekend, and then I’m back in it–back in the school schedule that fills my days and … More Wait