I spent a good bit of time (a Good Bit– read: more than one hour) trying to improve my blog today. My dear friend Lynne recently re-did hers (complete with family photo: family in matching outfits and looking characteristically themselves while walking down a street somewhere in Shanghai (I’m thinking she should and may use … More Improvements

Real Life Event

The four page (4 Page. Four. Page.) spread in today’s New York Times hails the upcoming Twilight New Moon film as “The Movie Event of the Year.” Hmmm. Don’t misunderstand me. I was taken with the movie Twilight. I didn’t see it in the theater, but Bill and the boys and I watched it this … More Real Life Event

Yet I Will

I didn’t realize that autumn had arrived in the South. I’ve learned somehow to adjust my expectations, and so wasn’t looking for the change in temperature and leaf until November, really. I had noticed some yellowing here and there, but nothing flagrant, nothing bright. The change was still pending; the change was yet something to … More Yet I Will