And Again (Surprised?)

from spiralling ecstatically this proud nowhere of earth’s most prodigious nightblossoms a newborn babe:around him, eyes-gifted with every keener appetitethan mere unmiracle can quite appease-humbly in their imagined bodies kneel(over time space doom dream while floats the whole perhapsless mystery of paradise) mind without soul may blast some universeto might have been, and stop ten … More And Again (Surprised?)

Season’s Salutations

I love saying “Merry Christmas.” I do. Call me unfeeling. Call me insensitive. Call me politically incorrect. Go ahead. It might be the “merry” part. We never say “merry” about anything else, have you noticed? It’s not “Merry Birthday” or “Merry Easter” or “Merry St. Patrick’s Day.” So offered this one opportunity to say “Merry” … More Season’s Salutations

Eight Hours

I wrote this a long time ago now. Four+ years, in fact. Time goes faster and faster all the time. Have you noticed, too? But I’m writing here tonight because I want to add some things to that other, referenced above. And I could have added more before now: in the four+ years that have … More Eight Hours


He was maybe in his early twenties at the oldest, and he was walking ahead of us out of the grocery store this afternoon. He was walking with a friend, but he was walking ahead of that friend, and he was walking strangely: doing a dance, kind of. Taking sort of mincing steps. Being funny. … More Aspirations

The Other One

I’ve posted something over there on the other blog. You can go read that if you’d like. If you do, read the Other Things, too. You won’t be sorry.