A small mountain remains: some research papers and two days worth of exams. It will take me hours to scale this mountain, but these are hours I can count, a discernible number– so different from the unknown and countless hours of grading I do over the course of the school year. I have some boxes … More Harbinger

A Portrait

It is Wednesday, 5:09 p.m. We are nine minutes late. It is the middle of May. Only 6 and a half days of school left– unless you are a fourth grader and going to Camp Don Lee on Monday and Staying For Two Nights. She heaves her guitar from the back of the van and … More A Portrait

Mother’s Day 2011

For the two basketballs and the soccer ball that (seem to) (always) live in my dining room… For the 9-10 pairs of shoes that (occasionally and for far too long) linger near our front door (how many pairs of feet live in our house?)… For too much time in Party City and too much time … More Mother’s Day 2011