National Punctuation Day

Today! Today is National Punctuation Day! I wouldn’t have known and hadn’t ever– before today– even heard of such a thing. But delivered to me this delightful news earlier this morning, and I just couldn’t let the day pass without a small celebration. Punctuation is Great. Really and truly Great. It’s fascinating in its … More National Punctuation Day


I am so grateful to be at home. I love seeing how the sun falls in the breakfast room in a silent house at 2 p.m. on a September Wednesday. I love having the laundry done, so that kids who dirtied their uniforms only yesterday have them spanking clean and ready to go today. I … More Reluctance

September 11th

Eleven years ago today I heard the news on the BBC and then went straight to the television. I saw a tower of the World Trade Center smoking and on fire, and I hoped with some horror that air traffic controllers had made a terrible mistake, and I listened as the newscasters wondered. And then … More September 11th

Best-Laid Plans

or “Mother,” Part II It shouldn’t be so hard. Really, on paper, it looks for all the world like it makes sense. Which isn’t to say that I’ve actually written it down. I haven’t actually recorded on paper my Plan For The Day. But I do have a Plan. I have a Plan that should … More Best-Laid Plans

More Thoughts on First Sentences… and Other News

Here’s something delightful– and who doesn’t need delightful now and again? Reader (thank you so much, Tim) and high school chum Timothy Crouse reminded me of this: the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. It is a contest in which you– get this– compete to win the prize for the Worst First Sentence. I love this. It is … More More Thoughts on First Sentences… and Other News


The day was looking good. Kids breakfasted and lunches bagged, they went off together to school. I had only one item on my calendar before the late afternoon’s rash of meets/games/matches, and yes, it appeared that a good writing day was ahead of me. An excellent writing day. I love those. Writing is, after all, … More Mother