Before You Know It

I was cleaning yesterday. This is not something I am given to doing often. It’s dangerous, don’t you know? With all the writing there is to be done, cleaning tempts me with its mindlessness and its (ohsobrief) sense of accomplishment. During the week when the kids are in school, I avoid it as absolutely best … More Before You Know It


  December is the month of our greatest anticipation, followed at a distance– in this country, anyway–by May, when children are waiting for school to liberate them for the summer. But December is a month of anticipation around the world, the season in the Christian church for expectation. We re-live in worship and celebration the Most … More Lamentation

The Reason Why

“Do not hurry; do not rest.” — Goethe Here’s news– or is it?:  I did not make my Thanksgiving deadline. There are lots of reasons for this, one of them being that, while Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, preparations and their busy-ness for it begin Well In Advance of that, which meant that I was doing nothing … More The Reason Why