I think some parents will do all kinds of things in order to spend time with our kids. We schlep them ourselves to soccer tournaments, rather than car-pooling, maybe, for that priceless car-talk-time. We sit on the edges of their beds in the dark, listening despite our (and her) late-night fatigue, because now is the time she … More Y.O.L.O.


There was a dinner plan. The spinach was thawing in its pie plate on the counter; the grocery stop would only take a minute. We would be eating (after the soccer game) by 6:30. And then the plan was changed: Bill and I would go out; the kids would be eating at home. And so … More 4.23.2013

Difficult Balance

I attended our church’s women’s retreat this weekend. It was a beautiful time: so many women I know– and many others I don’t– gathered to enjoy one another, to learn more about our God, to rest from the pull of our daily lives. I remember going on youth group retreats when I was a teenager. … More Difficult Balance

Surprise and Revelation

Like everyone else, I was surprised and dismayed to hear Monday’s news: the bombs detonating, the screams and smoke, the aftermath. Amputations, shrapnel and surgeries because you went to see them cross the finish line. Three of them dead, all of them somebody’s child. After three days worth of radio news, I was nonetheless surprised … More Surprise and Revelation

Going, Going….

The pile appeared on Monday on his bedroom floor, just beside his dresser. Normally, such a sight would make me crazy: how many times must I say it? “Put your clean clothes away; put the dirty ones in the laundry.” What means this pile of clothing, languishing here, purposeless? But I could see that something … More Going, Going….

19 Months, 4000 Miles

Nineteen months. This is a phrase I likely knew before I could talk. I probably heard it before I was born when, my mother balancing baby girl over burgeoning stomach, people asked. My mother and father both probably said it countless times at the playground, at the church, in the grocery store. “How far apart … More 19 Months, 4000 Miles


biblechurch.org I play the violin. I do not play it well, and I never have. This fact is not terribly problematic for me– not in terms of ego, anyway. I don’t expect myself to be good at it because, well, I have never been good at it. Not even when, in high school, I daily … More Easter