Dear Vacuum

I love you. You probably find this hard to believe, but really, really and truly, I love you. You are my Absolute Favorite of All the Appliances in the House. I know, I know. The crimes I commit against you are legion. Like leaving you out all the time, plugged in or not, languishing in … More Dear Vacuum

One at a Time

By now we’ve seen the photos and the videos; we’ve read the interviews. In the video I watched, the thing came bearing down unstoppable, a thick, gray column, opaque and faceless, an all-powerful horror. Forty minutes isn’t terribly long, but it was more than enough. It left a swath of destruction that staggers the mind: … More One at a Time


It was a while ago now that he came in to the kitchen and stood next to me where I was stirring something on the stove.“Mom,” he said, “there are things about me that you don’t know.”“You’re right,” I said. He might have been nine or ten years old.  I wondered at the time if … More Boy


Yes, this is a familiar feeling. I recognize it– and I don’t like it. I would imagine, too, that it’s almost universal: that sense of having a deadline, Something Due, and so everything else must wait, or take a back seat to it, anyway. Of course, deadlines are helpful. Even necessary. I have talked about … More Familiar


It’s taken me a long time to call myself a writer. Even now, after almost nine months of writing basically full-time, I always hesitate. How does it work, you know? I mean, does the fact that I have a sprig of rhubarb planted in my herb garden make me a farmer? I don’t think so. … More Writer