BOGO on Healing Maddie Brees

Amazon is promoting Healing Maddie Brees by giving away a FREE KINDLE COPY of the book to anybody who bought a paperback copy!  You can take advantage of this even if you bought or pre-ordered the book long ago.
If you don’t have a Kindle, you can read it on the Kindle app for iPhone and Android, and if you don’t have one of those, you can have it delivered to the Kindle Cloud Reader.
In any case, ordering the Kindle Copy helps Maddie‘s rankings, and it’s absolutely FREE. So if you have a minute, consider using that minute for Maddie. 
To take advantage of deal, follow these simple steps:
1.  Go to Amazon and buy the paperback book.  (Skip this step and proceed to step 2 if you’ve already done this… by the way, THANK YOU!).
2.  Now go back to Amazon and search for the Kindle edition.  (Note that if you don’t actually select “Kindle edition” on the listing; the price will show up as $7.49.  However, when you click on that box it changes to $0.00.  Why?  I don’t know.)
3. Order that Kindle edition and get it for FREE. And simultaneously, simply, miraculously, give Healing Maddie Brees a boost!
Thank you so much.

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