Birthday! A Different Way to Party

All week, we are celebrating the 1st Birthday of Healing Maddie Brees by offering the book for only $0.99! It’s an incredible deal, and you can find links to all your favorite e-book retailers here.

I know, I know. I should have told you sooner– and I have posted about it on all the social media things. But life is ever busy, and I’m not terribly good at all the social media things, as my publisher will tell you, and as I have mentioned here before….

Still, I love birthdays. At our house, we celebrate birthdays for the better part of a week, and sometimes people manage to squeeze very nearly a month out of it. Which is completely worthwhile. There’s not a soul living in my house that doesn’t deserve a full month of celebration.

Nonetheless, Maddie’s $0.99 deal only lasts for a week, and that week ends today. So here’s a thought: close that deal for yourself or a friend today, and spend the rest of Maddie’s birthday month reading her.

Reading. It’s a different way to party, and a great one!




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