And She’s Off!

I have this thing I do when deciding about a book. Do you do this too? Whether standing in the bookstore or the library stacks, at a rotating book rack in the airport or, even, in front of a bookshelf in the home of a friend: I open the book at random and I read. … More And She’s Off!


This morning, after days of cloudless blue, our sky was overcast. But it was warm again, and through open doors and windows, I could hear the blue-jays cry. I don’t hear the jays every day. At our feeder we get chickadees and finches, a nuthatch, and a small brown bird with a dart of white … More Blue-Jays

Hope and Vision

The work is not the vision itself, certainly. It is not the vision filled in, as if it had been a coloring book. It is not the vision reproduced in time; that were impossible. It is rather a simulacrum and a replacement. It is a golem. –Annie Dillard, The Writing Life On July 29, 1981, … More Hope and Vision


So, this past Thursday was kind of a big day for me: I finished the edits on my first novel. Which means I’m finished with it. Done. The project is no longer in my hands. Crazy how years of thinking and writing became months and weeks of editing became the ten-second, quotidian task of attaching … More Send


“You can’t really see the days. I mean, look at the days with your eyes.”                                                                   -Theo, age 4. 1 July 2015December 1990: For … More Holidays

The Face at the Door

The next morning, the mess wasn’t a mess. The dining room table held its requisite scattering of crumbs and, on a gold paper plate, part of a chocolate chip cookie. The strings of a helium balloon bouquet were collapsed into a house plant, the balloons themselves having been sacrificed–at the end of the party– in … More The Face at the Door

Dr. Donnelly

Introduction: World Lit Survey II, Spring 1988 I’d seen him long before I had him for class; I doubt I could have helped it. He was that very tall man, head and shoulders above most of us, moving through Calderwood Hall between classes. His was that head of wild, graying hair; his the thick, graying … More Dr. Donnelly

Worth the Effort

I didn’t know if I’d like it. Bill was confident I would. He knows that I like good, hard exercise, that when I finish a workout, I like to be gasping, panting, drenched through with sweat, and enjoying that crazy clean feeling in my bronchial tubes–a clean that only comes from breathing extra hard for … More Worth the Effort

On Forgiving

All I could see at first was the skirt’s long hem and the sensible shoes, which had arrived to pause at the edge of the trail that runs behind our house. Then I saw almost the entire boy, as he was small enough to appear (sneakers and socks, shorts and blue t-shirt) under the leaves … More On Forgiving