I spent a good bit of time (a Good Bit– read: more than one hour) trying to improve my blog today. My dear friend Lynne recently re-did hers (complete with family photo: family in matching outfits and looking characteristically themselves while walking down a street somewhere in Shanghai (I’m thinking she should and may use … More Improvements

Yet Another

O Reader. I doubt that any of you come here anymore, but just in the least little chance of a case that you do, I think some explanation is in order. School is out, which means days and days of wide open space for me, time like I never know it during the school year. … More Yet Another

An Explanation

So Beth asked me for an explanation regarding the change, once again, in the name of this blog. I guess I had hoped not to provide one– mostly because I’m sort of embarrassed about changing it yet again– and I guess I don’t have to. I am the boss, anyway, if only of this blog. … More An Explanation

Old Blog

It was Almost Dead. Almost. Absolutely Nearly. You have No Idea how close I came to shutting down this blog just a few days ago. Yep. I’d had it. And so, I would imagine, had you, O Reader, if you come to this place with any regularity at all. If you’ve come poking your electronic … More Old Blog

No Thing

Can you believe it? I haven’t even been to this site in weeks, let alone thought about a post (well, that’s not entirely true, but Almost) in a month. But now, O Reader, we have only (not including today, as the hardest part is already over, the part when I haul my eyelids open and … More No Thing


I know that Mr. Buechner spells his name “Frederick” and not “Frederich,” as I originally spelled it in the previous post. I think it’s just that I wrote my Master’s thesis on a German man (Thomas Mann, to be precise), and so I have these residual German-like sorts of things– things like spellings– in my … More Correction

This Week

We’re off! We’re out! Whatever way you say it, the truth is this: We’re On Spring Break! I am So Happy. I have a million things I’d like to do with the next six days (plus two weekends) off of school. Already I’ve cleaned out my car– something I’ve been wanting to do since, um, … More This Week