A New Podcast

Today I hoped to accomplish a small handful of things which included, but was not limited to all the laundry walking the dog making soup for dinner writing a blog post I think anyone would agree this is a very small handful of things. It is not even a real handful, I think– which also … More A New Podcast

Better Country

In collecting his wife’s diaries for publication, Leonard Woolf wrote, “At the best and even unexpurgated, diaries give a distorted or one-sided portrait of the writer, because, as Virginia Woolf herself remarks somewhere in these diaries, one gets into the habit of recording one particular kind of mood– irritation or misery, say– and of not … More Better Country

The Other One

I’ve posted something over there on the other blog. You can go read that if you’d like. If you do, read the Other Things, too. You won’t be sorry.

Yet Another

O Reader. I doubt that any of you come here anymore, but just in the least little chance of a case that you do, I think some explanation is in order. School is out, which means days and days of wide open space for me, time like I never know it during the school year. … More Yet Another


O Reader, I have no excuse. Here I am at the tail end of a four-day weekend, a weekend full of thoughtfulness and quiet and also joyous celebration (not to mention an Easter-basket-hunt during which Everett received a serious blow to the head and the baskets themselves were discovered in a bathtub), a weekend of … More Disappointing


I enjoy quite a few blogs on this here internet these days. I don’t get to read them everyday: most of the time my daily labors prevent such pleasures. But occasionally I get to Go Look. Some of the blogs I visit for the lovely pictures and for the idealized lives created on the page. … More New


I just posted something over here. I could, I realize, post it here, too, but I am not going to do that. So if you’d like to read it (and, by scrolling down one post) see a Very Hilarious video of my friends’ son Luke, then you must leave this blog and go to that … More Mommying