On the Nightstand

Currently, right now, in two neat stacks of seven each (which only Just So Happens to be the case; I didn’t realize, until I counted, that I had seven in each pile), Fourteen Books in the process of being read. By me. Except for one, which I finished last summer. A Community of Character: Toward … More On the Nightstand

More from Annie

I received a belated and Most Welcome birthday gift the other day: Annie Dillard’s novel, The Maytrees. I am thrilled to get my hands on anything by Annie Dillard. Anything. Already I own copies of The Writing Life and An American Childhood, and I own them again in my Three By Annie Dillard, which includes … More More from Annie

Prayers and Dreams

This past week I found myself revisiting one of my favorite books, Frederick Buechner’s Godric. I’ve read it twice already, and was not disappointed to realize recently that Now would be an excellent time to use the book as an illustration in my classroom. My students and I are smack in the middle of the … More Prayers and Dreams

Mrs. Dalloway

Purchased yesterday afternoon with a Barnes and Noble gift card from a student received Idon’trememberwhen. I haven’t time to read it of course and of course I’ve read it before. But I opened it last night before closing my eyes and treated myself to just a few pages (just a few), waiting to hear Big … More Mrs. Dalloway

The Sea

I’ve just finished reading this book, The Sea, by John Banville. I didn’t read it for a class, or a book club. I read it for myself, a rare achievement for me these days. I’d never heard of it before. But when my friend Jennie-Rebecca was visiting last spring, and she and her husband and … More The Sea


We were guests tonight at a dinner party/birthday party/commune meeting (don’t ask) for a friend who had the audacity to turn 30 (thirty! Who are these people, born after 1977???) this week. It was great fun, and the conversation rich– if not occasionally interrupted by one of the many (we have nine between us) children … More Favorites

For Lynne…

Who Lately Lives In China but Is Home in America For Just a Little While. We joined with other pilgrims on the journey home. They came from London town, and how it warmed the heart to hear our native tongue again! An onion is an onion still no matter what you call it. A man’s … More For Lynne…

On Reading

I think we ought to read only the kinds of book that wound and stab us….We need the books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the … More On Reading