Words Over Coffee

His email arrived sometime in May, or maybe late April. An invitation. He’s a writer, a someday filmmaker, and he wanted to talk Art. I’ve known Joel since he was born, I guess. His family and ours go to the same church; his age falls just between that of Everett and Emma. I’m sure they … More Words Over Coffee

Fourteen Seconds

I was in the mall on a recent Friday morning, a quick stop between the post office and the gym, because sometimes my life is like this. Except for the mall part. (I actually hate going to the mall, due to its uncanny propensity to awaken desires for things I don’t have and didn’t even … More Fourteen Seconds

On Envy

Note: This post was first published on December 17, 2005, back when our church still had an orchestra.┬áBecause of conversations and thoughts I’ve had of late, I thought it was time to post it again. I have revised it a little, but only a little. Note 2: Not long after I posted this, my parents … More On Envy

Church Famous

That’s an awful phrase, isn’t it? And yet it’s been said about me. It was last year at Vacation Bible School, and John, the fellow who assisted me in teaching the 5th grade boys said, “Well, of course I know you, Rebecca. You’re church famous.” Ugh. I’d never heard the phrase before, but it’s something … More Church Famous