Home Stretch

I received a letter from Duke University in the mail the other day. “Congratulations,” it said, and went on to inform me that, yet again, I have been granted a scholarship for my upcoming year of study. This is Great News, as tuition at that fine institution is No Small Amount of Money. The good … More Home Stretch


I left campus at 12:50 and drove to that other campus, Duke, only ten or so minutes away. There is Absolutely No Parking for people like me on a weekday, so I parked in the Gardens lot and then walked through the Gardens to get to the Allen Building, which houses so much that is … More Bookish

Masters Thoughts

I am currently (finally?) in the last class of my Masters program at Duke University. That’s right: as of May 1, I will have completed all the coursework and will have (only) my Master’s thesis to complete for my degree. It has been – I am not kidding — an amazing experience. No, the daily-ness … More Masters Thoughts