“We’d like those,” we said to the salesman. “We’d like that washer and dryer, and we’d like to have them As Soon As Possible.” The salesman said that would be fine, but they no longer had them in stock. All they had was this pair, and they were the floor models and, as we could … More Saga

In Threes

It began in December. The week of exams, maybe the week before. Whichever week it was, it was a week that was Already Loaded, such that I came home from school at the end of each day Weary To My Bones, only to have all the jobs of homemaker and mother waiting for my attention. … More In Threes

Survival Guide

What you need when your basement floods with Really Dirty Water is a great team to come to the house. Yes, a team, even if that team is only two people. Because two people can be Really Handy at yanking out the wretched carpet, and the ruined linoleum, and the dry wall that is super … More Survival Guide

What They Will Remember

I think they will remember the hotel. Yes, that’s what they’ll remember. They’ll remember three nights at the hotel. Remember how we had separate bedrooms? And remember the counter where we pretended to be at a restaurant? And we had two separate bathrooms. And three (3!) televisions! And we had waffles Every Morning for breakfast! … More What They Will Remember