I think I’m a morning person. This seem to be increasingly the case, anyway, as the needs of my day demand it. Yet the thoughts that come in the morning are of the hazy kind, the less true kind. They come quickly enough–too quickly– like so much water poured from a bucket. I like thoughts … More Morning

Kenya Revisited

I have finally finished my thank-you letters for our trip to Kenya. I know, I know. That trip was a year ago now. More. We returned from Kenya on June 16, 2007 and today, by all accounting, is August 13, 2008. High time I mailed those letters, don’t you think? As I said, they are … More Kenya Revisited

The Natural

We have a friend named Nate who makes films. You can visit his film site by clicking on his company name, “Fourth Line Films” on the right. Or you can visit his blog here. Both links would be Very Much Worth your time. We got to know Nate last spring when he and a film … More The Natural

The Last Time

We held the 3rd HopeFest last Sunday. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful event, and Bill is Not Entirely Discouraged from giving it another go next year… But that is for another post. We truly had glorious weather, and surely that is a Sign From God, is it not? We can plan until … More The Last Time

Kenya Revisited

I’m guessing that one of the more unusual things about our trip to Kenya was the documentary film crew that traveled with us. I’ve failed to mention it here, though these photos were originally going to be part of a blog post way back in April…. But I ran out of time. Yes, Fourth Line … More Kenya Revisited


O Mother, please don’t worry,O my lover, please don’t cry,never pin your hopes to the groundwhen they’re meant for the sky I will tell you that– from the beginning– I was afraid to go to Africa. I can’t say why, exactly. It was the “unknown” thing, I’m sure. The fear was eased, somewhat, because of … More Safe


At long last, I have gone back to some old posts to add pictures to the text. If you are interested, please look at the posts entitled Marafiki and Musmark for pictures that correspond to the story. And yes, if you can’t tell already from their titles, both posts are about our time in Kenya. … More Photos