When we were in Kenya, Bill and Carolyn (Bill’s father and stepmother) had not yet sold their house. The house they’ve lived in for 24 years; the house in which they combined their two families; the house on whose family room floor, nineteen years ago, I fell in love with my husband. Now it is … More Before


Barbara at JFKEmma Grace and Khou (respectively) at Musmark in Nairobi And also William and BillJacey in the matatu on the way back from Jane’s houseNate on the bus to Tanzania Diane and Emma And also Bill and William Jim on the ground in Tanzania And Everett on the ground in DubaiLittle Darlings at Beacon … More Sleeping

Giraffe Kisses

What you can do, see, is to visit this giraffe reserve. It isn’t terribly far from Ongata Rongai, the town in which Beacon of Hope is situated. On our last day at Beacon, we stopped by here. You can feed the giraffes. The food is free: little pellets you hold in your hand. The giraffes … More Giraffe Kisses

Photo Album

So Bill created a space on-line where all twenty of us who went on the trip to Kenya together could post our photos. This was a great idea. I mean, we were all together most of the time, and so we should all have about the same photos, one would think. But all of us … More Photo Album


I am allowing myself One Book this summer– one book that falls outside of my list of MustReads (and that list is long, as I have a thesis for which I must be doing research, and also a certain Joseph and His Brothers which warrants some Serious Revisiting, and also a List Of Books that … More God


It’s hot here. HOT. The only place to be on a day like today in a place like this one is a swimming pool. Or indoors, with the air conditioner running. I am Not Happy about this. As I drove down the road today on one of Too Many Errands, I looked at the trees … More Dry


Satellite view 6 June 2007, Nairobi Korogocho is an uneven place. The slum spreads itself across a hillside, and the roads wind and bump their way down into and through it. These roads are not paved, but are red dirt and deeply rutted and, in some places, fairly steep. A little river runs swiftly through … More Korogocho