My friend Nat likes to make fun of me from time to time. Not a lot. And not unkindly. It’s just that he is amused by some things about me, like my opinion of Sting, for example. And the opinion I Once Held about Lionel Richie (no one should be held accountable for things one … More Tomayto-tomahto

How They Do It

Last weekend my sister Emily sent us all a link to a little radio interview. That’s her in the interview, don’t you know. My sister. My sister Emily. I listened to it right away. And then I listened again. And again a few more times. It’s a great interview: it’s humorous, and witty, and at … More How They Do It

For Lynne…

Who Lately Lives In China but Is Home in America For Just a Little While. We joined with other pilgrims on the journey home. They came from London town, and how it warmed the heart to hear our native tongue again! An onion is an onion still no matter what you call it. A man’s … More For Lynne…

Food for Thought

“But words are strong, words are not spoken with impunity, they leave traces in the heart, even if spoken without feeling they speak to the feelings of him who speaks them, though you may lie with them, their magic shapes you according to their meaning, so that what you have said is no longer entirely … More Food for Thought


At the back of my copy of Thomas Mann’s Joseph and His Brothers, I have a list that I made while reading through the book for the first time. It is a list of words and their page numbers, words I do not know, or am only vaguely aware of but could not, if asked … More One

New Word

I was in the “d’s.” I don’t remember why. And I found a new word. duende \doo-en-day\ n [Spanish dialect] (1964): the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm. What a word! Who knew? How ‘bout that? I love the dictionary.


I love them. If you’ve been reading this blog for Any Time At All, then perhaps you already know that. I keep lists of them, you know. I make lists when I am reading something that uses words well. Sometimes I write them down because I don’t (yet) know what they mean; sometimes I write … More Words

Talk, Talk, Talk

I had a conversation with a friend tonight. With Tworivers, to be exact. That might not sound like a big deal to you but, Believe You Me, conversations with friends are Few and Far Between these days, seeing as I’m at work All Day and then busy with children until they go to bed and … More Talk, Talk, Talk