I know that Mr. Buechner spells his name “Frederick” and not “Frederich,” as I originally spelled it in the previous post. I think it’s just that I wrote my Master’s thesis on a German man (Thomas Mann, to be precise), and so I have these residual German-like sorts of things– things like spellings– in my … More Correction

Mann on God

“But is there a more religious practice than the study of the psychology of God? To anticipate the policies of the Most High with earthly policies is indispensable if one wishes to get through life.” Joseph and His Brothers, p. 1252 Can you see him winking at you? Mann, I mean. I can.

Food for Thought

“But words are strong, words are not spoken with impunity, they leave traces in the heart, even if spoken without feeling they speak to the feelings of him who speaks them, though you may lie with them, their magic shapes you according to their meaning, so that what you have said is no longer entirely … More Food for Thought


“The deeds and decisions of our lives are determined by proclivities, sympathies, fundamental attitudes, and critical experiences of the soul, which color our existence, tingeing all our actions and providing a far more genuine explanation for them than any of the rational reasons we put forward not only for other’s actions, but for our own … More Why?


At the back of my copy of Thomas Mann’s Joseph and His Brothers, I have a list that I made while reading through the book for the first time. It is a list of words and their page numbers, words I do not know, or am only vaguely aware of but could not, if asked … More One


“We are bitterest about accusations that are indeed false, yet not entirely so.” -Thomas Mann, Joseph and His Brothers

Just Keep Swimming

I haven’t been here much of late. I have things to say and photos to post, but alas, I don’t know when. The boys who, now that we’ve started school, may use the computer only on the weekends, use the computer A Lot on the weekends, when I might have time to post a thing … More Just Keep Swimming

Mann Understood

I have twenty-four essays to grade. I have twenty students for whom I need to total grades and write comments. I have a Good Portion of my Master’s thesis proposal written; I need to finish it and mail it to my professor tomorrow; I need to meet with him and my program director on Tuesday. … More Mann Understood


I left campus at 12:50 and drove to that other campus, Duke, only ten or so minutes away. There is Absolutely No Parking for people like me on a weekday, so I parked in the Gardens lot and then walked through the Gardens to get to the Allen Building, which houses so much that is … More Bookish

Masters Thoughts

I am currently (finally?) in the last class of my Masters program at Duke University. That’s right: as of May 1, I will have completed all the coursework and will have (only) my Master’s thesis to complete for my degree. It has been – I am not kidding — an amazing experience. No, the daily-ness … More Masters Thoughts