The Big Push

It’s over now– or almost, anyway. One more event– an exit interview with my professor and the program director– and, possibly, edits after that, and then I’ll have done everything I can do to earn my Master’s degree. It’s been a long time coming. Emma Grace asked me on our way to school the other … More The Big Push

All the Miles

All the miles between us, they say that’s just the way it goesTime is no friend to lovers, stretched like the line that hangs the clothesBut we walk the distance another dayThe rope is thin but does not give wayI can hear the band of angels singin’ nowlike a story from the page is read … More All the Miles


At the back of my copy of Thomas Mann’s Joseph and His Brothers, I have a list that I made while reading through the book for the first time. It is a list of words and their page numbers, words I do not know, or am only vaguely aware of but could not, if asked … More One


Just in case you wondered, this is what writing my thesis looks like. This: after a full day and a half of reading and writing and reading some more. I left it like this when I went to bed at 11:30 on Saturday night, and– lo and behold!– it was waiting for me on Sunday … More Writing


It could have been lonely. This morning I awoke for the second day in a row in an empty house. And by empty I mean without Bill. Without children. Without cat…. Just me, and the three fish in their little tank with the noisy filter– the fish with their three-second memory and no attention paid … More Day

Morning Conversation

William lay on the sofa, fully dressed and ready for the day, but covered with a blanket, resting. It was 6:37 when I came downstairs. “How are you?” I asked, sitting next to him on the sofa’s edge. “Tired,” he said, and smiled sleepily at me. “Mondays are hard,” I said. “Tuesdays are better,” he … More Morning Conversation